Research Groups

Carbon Nanostructures

A research group for Carbon Nanostructures

Heteroepitaxial Structures on Silicon

The Surface Science Lab Heteroepitaxy Group's research effort is focused on the heteroepitaxial growth and characterization of thin film and nanoscale

Oxides and Nitrides

The Oxide & Nitride group of the Surface Science Lab is broadly focused, with interests in semiconductor, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials.


Scanning Microscopy Laboratory :

Two ambient AFM systems and one UHV STM system

Raman Spectroscopy and Photoluminescence Laboratory :

optical characterization techniques used to examine atomic bonding configurations and defects in thin film structures. Capabilities: Micro, Macro, Low temp. and UV

PEEM-FEL Laboratory :

Photoelectron emission microscopy of surfaces using the Duke FEL for UV excitation. A one of a kind facility with unmatched capabilities to explore dynamical processes on surfaces

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Integrated Growth, Interfaces and Processing Laboratory :

The laboratory is constructed around a 42 ft linear sample transfer mechanism that connects 11 UHV systems used for surface preparation, film growth and surface analysis.


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